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Buylist guide

1. Put cards into buylist cart

Buylist Card Layout


choose cards that you want to sell to us and put them into buylist cart. If you are not sure how to grade your cards, we recommend to check the . If you can't find a card, you want to sell to us, on our buylist page, it means we are not currently interested in buying it.

If you want to offer us something else than Magic: The Gathering singles, you can contact us through our


2. Choose delivery and payment method

Choose delivery and payment method

Once you have all the cards you want to sell to us in your cart, proceed to the next step “

”. Choose the method how you will deliver the cards to us, and how you want us to pay you for the sell order. When choosing payment type user credit you will also receive a 10% bonus in addition to the sell order total price.

3. Check if everything is in order and confirm the sell order

Almost finished!! Now, in the last step ("

"), check, if all information is correct and that all cards you want to sell us are on the overview list.

Check if everything is in order and confirm the sell order

After confirming the sell order do not ship or deliver the cards to us, but first wait for a confirmation email. You should receive the email by the following business day. This email also contains information about how to proceed next.

4. Order and send the cards

After receiving the confirmation email, check if there wasn't a change to the list of cards. Then order the cards according to the list in the email. If any card is missing on the list, it means that we are not currently interested in buying it.

After checking the cards and ordering them, you can deliver the sell order to us. If you will be sending the cards by post or courier, you will need to pack the cards safely so they do not get damaged during shipping.

After receiving the confirmation email you have to deliver the cards to us either in person to our store within 5 business days or within 3 business days if you chose delivery method by post or courier.

Confirmation email

5. Processing and payment

When we receive your sell order we will start processing it. We will check the order and cards' conditions. If cards' conditions will differ from the ones entered, we will change them in the sell order. If the total price of the sell order will be lower than 10% of the original offered price, we will contact you if you want to proceed with the new price.

If you will accept the new price offered, we will authorize the payment within two business days. You have the right not to agree to the new price and request us to deliver the sell order back to you. In that case we will charge you for the shipping cost from us to you. If you deliver the sell order in person, we will process the sell order right away.

Below you will find a table with price coefficients depending on cards' conditions:

Card condition



we don't buy
we don't buy



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