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All the goods we are offering passes through the hands of our skilled employees before being listed. We try to carefully check the products and single cards so that their condition would satisfy you. Yet we are only human and sometimes we make mistakes. No matter where we made the mistake, we are here for you to resolve it. In the event that there is anything wrong with the purchased goods, we will try to find a solution that will suit you.

How to make a complaint?

  • Contact us at [email protected] and tell us what happened to your order. Don't forget to provide the order number. 
  •  We will contact you within three working days at the latest with either proposed solution or additional questions, if we need more details. 
  • In the case of goods being sent back to us, make sure to pack the product carefully. We are not responsible for any damage caused during transport. Do not send the goods with cash on delivery shipping method. Unfortunately, we cannot accept such shipments.

Below you will find the most common reasons to make a complaint and how we proceed in such situations.

Damage caused during transport

  • Always check the integrity of the package before accepting the shipment. If the shipment seems significantly damaged, do not accept it from the carrier. If you find out that the shipment was damaged after receipt, please notify us no later than 48 hours after the receipt of the shipment. We will provide a replacement as soon as possible.

Inadequate evaluation of single cards' conditions

  • We are sorry that you are not satisfied with the evaluation of received single cards' conditions. Please send us photos of the cards you received from us. You can ship the received cards back to us, and of course, we will refund you the payment for the order, or we will offer you a replacement, if available stock allows it. In the case that you still want to keep the cards despite the inadequate evaluation and we recognize the complaint as justified, we will offer you at least an adequate discount on the received cards.

Incomplete shipment

  • We apologize for the inconvenience. Please inform us as soon as possible about the product that was not delivered to you. We will investigate the situation and suggest a solution.

Complaint during the warranty period

  • Contact us without undue delay after finding out about a product's defect. The warranty period is 24 months for new goods and 12 months for used goods.
  • In the case that we recognize the complaint as justified, we pay the costs of shipping the goods back to us. We will either repair or replace the goods within 30 days of receiving the claimed goods. We will inform you about the settlement of the complaint by email. 
  • The warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear caused by use. Shorter product life time cannot be considered a defect.




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