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Benefits for registered users

Rewards, discounts, sales just for you
Tailored content based on your interests
We all like to get something extra. All you need to do is go to your account settings and choose which games you are interested in. With each order you'll have a chance to win a little present from the chosen game categories.
Special discount levels

We value our loyal customers. As a reward for your frequent orders we prepared a loyalty program in the form of loyalty discounts. The more you buy the better the prices. If you want to know more about our loyalty program click

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You'll gain access to special offers only available to registered users.
The list of rewards for registered users does not end here. For registered users, we plan other irregular offers, benefits and rewards. Before Christmas offers? Rewards for school reports? Your favorite game anniversary celebration? Or something completely different? Let us surprise you.
Easier and faster
Easier and faster order payments
Tired of filling your details in over and over? Not anymore. Your favorite payment methods and addresses will be saved in our system after you fill them in once. All you have to do is register. After registration, you can choose your default delivery and invoice address and make shopping with us faster.
Browse your order history
Do you want to have an overview of your hobby expenses? Or do you want to reminisce the times when your favorite game limited edition product cost a fraction of a cost it costs now? With your order history you will have the chance to do so.
Shipped orders' tracking numbers just a click away
Would you like to check the status of your order? As a registered user you will be able to view the status under your account. That means that you will be able to view the tracking numbers of all shipped orders at one place.
And that's not all!
Tailored content based on your interests
Do you want to see content that you are really interested in? After creating your account and choosing your interests under your account settings, we will be showing you content and products that we think might interest to you.
Not in stock? We'll order it for you.
We don't have something you'd like to buy in stock? If the said item will be available from our distributor, we'll gladly order it for you. Same goes for singles. If you add a card to your wantlist, you'll show us that we should try to buy the card as soon as possible.
Do you want to know what's happening?
If you will agree to be informed about latest news or products during registration, we will start sending you our newsletter. We know that, unwanted mail can be quite annoying so we will be sending you a tailored content based on your interests. If you will change your mind about the newsletter you can always unsubscribe via user account settings.



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