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Player's loot

Player's Loot is a special promotion for our registered users. The premise is easy. If you are logged in while creating your order and you meet the conditions for participation, you are eligible, when creating the order, to try your luck in the Player's Loot. Some of the chests contain a hidden treasure in the form of a gift for your order. If you get lucky and find such a hidden treasure the gift will be added to your order.

Reward illustration image

The winning probability and hidden rewards are based on the value of your order. With a bigger value of the order you not only have a higher probability of winning but you also get a more valuable reward if you win.

The rewards are tied with game titles you order from us.

The conditions for participation in the Player's Loot bonus program:

  • The value of the order is higher than 10 EUR.
  • All your previous orders are marked as completed, which means shipped, delivered or cancelled.
  • If your chosen method of delivery is in-store pickup, all the orders have to be picked up.
  • If you have any cancelled orders with us, at maximum one of them can be marked as „not collected“. We recognise two types of „not collected“ orders. The first being an order for in-store pickup which is not collected by the customer without prior notice. The second type being an order which is not collected from the courrier during a delivery attempt.

In the event of your device not supporting the display of Player's Loot functionality or due to another technical error making it unable for you to participate, you cannot request a compensation in the form of money or any other kind of compensation.



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